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Man sentenced to two years’ imprisonment – Thames Valley and Surrey

News   •   Nov 08, 2018 09:55 GMT

A 34-year-old man has been sentenced to two years’ imprisonment for repeatedly lying to police and the courts to avoid speeding penalties.

Yannick Kubri, of Fugglestone, Wilton, Sailsbury, was sentenced on Thursday (1/11) at Oxford Crown Court.

He was convicted of three counts of perverting the course of justice and one count of perjury by unanimous jury following a trial which started on Monday 29 October at the same court.

On 19 January 2017 and 9 April 2017, Kubri, was detected in Sunningdale driving a BMW in excess of the permitted speed limited by fixed cameras. On both occasions his he was travelling at 40mph in a 30ph limit.

He was also detected speeding on a mobile enforcement operator in Burnt Common, Surrey, on 11 July. On this occasion he was travelling at 82mph in a 70mph limit.

When required by Thames Valley police to nominate the driver for the offence on 19 January Kubri accepted he was the driver. However on receipt of a conditional offer of three penalty points and £100 fine, he contacted the police and the courts in an attempt to change his nomination to a person from France.

Kubri was required to re-nominate the correct driver but failed to respond so was summoned to attend Reading Magistrates’ Court on 13 October 2017 for a trial for exceeding the speed limit.

During the trial he gave evidence under oath that he had been mistaken in accepting he was the driver, who had been a relative from Brussels. Kubri was found not guilty of the offence.

When he had been required to tell police who the driver had been for the offence on 9 April he again nominated the same person but provided an address in Antwerp, Belgium, and for the offence in Surrey on 11 July he informed Surrey Police the driver was the same person who lived at the Brussels address.

Following a Thames Valley police investigation, it was shown that these nominations were untruthful and Kubri was pictured as the driver in Surrey and had been in the car in January and April which he denied during interview.

He was issued a postal requisition in connection with the offence on 20 March this year.

Investigating officer PC Carl Lewis, of Criminal Justice – Traffic Department, said: “Yannick Kubri undertook a prolonged course of action lying to the police and courts in order to avoid the penalties for three excess speeding offences.

“It is a myth that avoidance of such penalties is easy if a foreign national is put forward as the driver instead of accepting what is right. Nominations will be investigated and this sentence is a real deterrent to others who may consider attempting to evade justice.”