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Relocation of Neighbourhood Policing Team – Newport Pagnell

News   •   Apr 26, 2019 10:27 BST

On Friday 17 May, the Newport Pagnell neighbourhood team will temporarily relocate to Wolverton police station before moving to a permanent office in Newport Pagnell Fire Station.

Following a review of the buildings and property that are owned by Thames Valley Police, a decision has been made to close the existing base for the team, Newport Pagnell police station which is not open to the public and does not have a front counter.

In times of austerity, Thames Valley Police continues to focus on reducing non staff costs and protecting our people. As an underutilised building in need of some maintenance, the police station does not represent a cost-effective use of public money. The station will continue to be available for the neighbourhood team to drop-in until the building is sold.

The relocation will not affect frontline policing in Newport Pagnell or negate an opportunity for residents to report a crime. The town and surrounding villages will continue to have a visible, dedicated neighbourhood team working towards the priorities of local residents and businesses.

Chief Inspector Neil Kentish, Deputy Commander for the Milton Keynes area, said “I am pleased to be able to make the most of a positive opportunity of collaborating with our emergency service partners. I would like to offer my thanks to Buckinghamshire Fire & Rescue Service (BFRS) for offering to accommodate our neighbourhood team and I look forward to seeing the benefits that can be realised through working more closely together.

The closure of Newport Pagnell police station will not change our response to emergency situations as officers will continue to be dispatched from Milton Keynes.”

“Our neighbourhood team, while temporarily based at Wolverton, will continue to patrol and serve Newport Pagnell and will continue to keep the priorities of the community at the heart of their work. We are empowering our officers and staff to be more mobile in their work with the use of smart phones and laptops and as more of our services move online, members of the public can access information, crime prevention advice and contact details for the neighbourhood team on our website.”

Mark Hemming, Director of Finance & Assets for BFRS, said: “This is the latest example of some of the exciting collaborative working taking place between the Thames Valley emergency services.

“By welcoming our colleagues into Newport Pagnell Fire Station, we will be building upon the commitment we made in 2015 to deliver shared property and co-location of fire and police services wherever such arrangements are efficient and effective in terms of meeting the needs of communities.

“We look forward to the opportunities for closer working that will emerge as result of this collaboration.”